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Why 12V Fridges?

Why 12V Fridges?

We have been ordering 12v fridges in our new RVs when possible for about a year now. We thought it might be helpful to share our reasons on why we prefer them when compared to other options like residential or traditional gas/electric.  

  •         Size – the gas/electric fridge has a cooling unit and fins that take up a lot of room. The 12v fridge uses a compressor and forced air which takes up less room and is more efficient. So, there is 10 cu. ft. of capacity instead of the usual 8 cu. ft even though the fridge takes up the same amount of space. 
  •         12v Everchill’s get cool (with food in it) in under an hour in where the gas/electrics can take anywhere from 4-12 hours.
  •         With just one battery the 12v fridge can run for about 32 hours.  So, if you are staying the night in a Walmart parking lot, you still will be able to keep the fridge running (and still use other 12v components) until you get to your final destination and plug your RV in. Here is an awesome video on boondocking with the 12v fridge. CLICK HERE
  •         It doesn’t need an expensive inverter like residential fridges.
  •         Independent fridge and freezer controls.  
  •         No exterior fan noises.
  •         Glass shelves with lots of shelve adjustment options.
  •         The 12v doors will fit a 2-gallon jug of milk!

As always, give us a call if you have any questions. Beulah – 701-873-2103 or Dickinson – 701-483-9844

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